Summary first part of the season Three titles in one team: Impressive list of success for Lexware

Monday, August 18, 2014 - 11:00

Date: 02/08/2014.

Lexware Mountainbike Team, the German mountain bike team supported by Sapim, looks back on a very successful first part of the season. The team collected twelve medals at different national championships, took silver at the Europeans and victories at the MTB-Bundesliga International.

The end of the season is still some months away, but major achievements have been reached by the team so far. For the first time the Lexware Mountainbike Team earned a victory in the elite category of the MTB-Bundesliga. Markus Bauer showed an impressive race in Schopp to take the win.

One week later he celebrated his and the team first ever National Champs medal in the elite category. With Bronze he additionally completed a kind of historic serie: Within ten months Markus Bauer won medals in three disciplines, Marathon, Eliminator and Cross Country.

Furthermore the u23 riders Georg Egger and Lena Wehrle crowned themselves to German Champions in the Espoir category. So Lexware Mountainbike team owns three national champion jerseys in the same time.  
Five more medals at German Championships were won by riders in the Lexware jersey, the last one surprisingly in the downhill discipline by cadet Torben Drach – in his very first downhill competition.
Heiko Gutmann impressed in May, when he could beat Eliminator world champion Paul van der Ploeg (Aus) in the Bundesliga sprint race at famous BiketheRock in Heubach.

All in all, with a lot more good results, the team looks back on exciting months. “It’s amazing. It shows, that we are on a good way and the whole setup works very well.  All these results are extra motivation for the second part of the season. The team is eager to add some more highlights in this year.

The Sapim team congratulates Lexware Mountainbike Team for these good results and wishes them the best for the second half of the season.

Kenny Belaey, won the Silver medal at the 2014 UEC Mountain Bike & Trials European Championships in Walbrzych in Poland

Thursday, July 10, 2014 - 15:15

On June 15, a long time friend of Sapim, Kenny Belaey, won the Silver medal at the 2014 UEC Mountain Bike & Trials European Championships in Walbrzych in Poland.

As put in the words of our champion: “The course was not that hard so it was a mission to make any difference for the win, the slightest mistake was too much. Unfortunately I put my foot 3 times on the floor, 2 times too much for Gold but that’s the beauty of Trials, it has to be perfect. I’m going to chill for 3 days now and then I fly to Utah for a show at the GT bicycles Dealer camp. Summer is full with back to back shows, projects, competitions and the new demo trailer is coming together just fine with the official launch party held September 18… I can already tell you it’s going to be awesome and unique, so stay tuned.” Congratulation Kenny.

Tanja Žakelj is the new European XCO Champion

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - 14:00


Tanja won the title on June 8 in St. Wendel, for a second time in a row. The race was very hard.

“This race made my day, my life and just about everything,” said ecstatic Tanja after she claimed her second consecutive European title. She had a good race from the start, however her fellow countrywoman, Blaža Klemenčič, was leading in the middle part of the race, then Tanja caught up with her and made her final attack in the last lap.

“The group in the beginning of the race was too big, I just couldn’t find my rhythm in it. So I attacked in 2nd lap and did a first selection. At that point I even thought that I went too fast too soon. After that Blaža took the lead, I was in the group behind her. I attacked when Engen made a mistake. I was better in the second part of the race on the previous events and I believed in myself that today will be no different. It’s unbelievable how everything finished,” said the new European Champion.

This is great success for Slovenian team in St. Wendel, with Tanja and Blaža way ahead of everybody else, which is now very important, since the qualification period for Rio has begun.

Sapim is proud to support Tanja and would like to congratulate her for this title.

Check out the latest video of Kenny Belaey at Camps Bay

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 - 09:45

Kenny Belaey throwing in some riding at the epic beaches of Camps Bay and Greenpoint during his 2014 World show tour.



Seasons opening coming soon

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 13:45

Our event planning is finished for 2014. Dieter and Klaus will show up with the Sapim booth at the following events.








17.5. - 18.5.






13.6- 15.6.

Bike und beats





11.7. - 13.7.

ROC azur




As the last years we will pimp and repair your wheels. Latest developments will be displayed and discussed.



We have an open ear for all your wheel problems. The “1 Euro Sapim promotion bottle” sales will go on full season. We are looking forward to meet you at one of these places.



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