The middel section of the spoke is pressed in a special mould to form its specific profile.

CX is the entry level aero spoke of Sapim.  It provides an optimal aerodynamic shape by its elliptical profile.  Because of its section it is a very stiff spoke. Specially designed hub holes are required for CX spokes.

Technical specs


  • CX 14G (64 pcs x 260 mm lg) 423 g

Quality: AISI 302
Strength on middle section: 1200 N/mm2


  • CX 14:

Length: 150-310 mm
Sizes: 2,0 - (1,3 x 2,8) - 2,0 mm
elliptic aero part


  • Rod (without bend)
  • Self locking system
  • Black (oxidised or chromed)
  • Anti-rotation part
  • Oval head
  • 2-sides threading
  • TCS